How to Use Amazon Audio Ads

With over 55 million listeners , Amazon Music is among the leading music streaming platforms out there. Wouldn’’ t it be fantastic if you might discover a method to reach these customers and share your items with them.

Well, you can, and it’’ s all thanks to Amazon audio advertisements. Through Amazon’’ s totally free, ad-supported tier, you can produce brief, appealing audio advertisements to reach an entire brand-new audience base. Let me stroll you through how it works.

. What Are Amazon Audio Ads?

Think of Amazon audio advertisements like radio advertisements.

They’’ re commercials in between 10 and 30 seconds long, and you can utilize them for any marketing project, from promoting brand name awareness to hyping up a brand-new item .

You put on’’ t requirement to offer items on Amazon to utilize this service, either, that makes it available for more services.


The advertisements themselves play in between tunes. You can ’ t select your slot choice, however there ’ s terrific reach offered anyhow. Listeners can tune in through their Echo gadgets, or they ’ ll hear your advertisement when they utilize the Amazon Music app on Android, FireTV, and iOS.


How much do these advertisements expense? Well, Amazon charges for audio advertisements on a cost-per-thousand-impressions( CPM) basis, so you pay each time a thousand individuals see your advertisement.


You require to invest a minimum of $15,000 monthly on Amazon audio advertisements to utilize the service. , according to Amazon , the average typical budget plan about $25,000 per month, so you might may desire bear this in mind.

. Why Should You Use Amazon Audio Ads?

Audio advertisements are absolutely nothing brand-new, however there are 2 primary reasons that Amazon ’ s audio advertisements might deserve a shot.


First, consider the prospective reach. The Amazon’Echo is America ’ s most popular clever speaker , for something, and as I ’ ve discussed, there are over 55 million Amazon music customers and counting!


Secondly, ad-supported streaming memberships aren ’ t going anywhere whenever quickly. According to Amazon, 68 percent of Americans count on complimentary streaming memberships, so there ’ s undoubtedly an audience for your projects.


The finest part? You ’ re interesting with audiences in an imaginative, amazing brand-new method. In an extremely competitive market, Amazon audio advertisements might provide you an edge over your competitors.

. Who Should Use Amazon Audio Ads?

Can any service usage Amazon audio advertisements? Sure.


Are these advertisements ideal for every organization? No.


For beginners, consider your budget plan. $15,000 each month is quite high, so little or specific niche companies may discover the expense isn ’ t warranted.


Next, think of your total marketing technique. Do you intend on utilizing any other Amazon marketing item? The advertisements may work best when utilized along with other Amazon marketing tools to construct a more powerful, more cohesive existence on the platform.


Finally, consider your brand name. You put on ’ t requirement to offer through Amazon to develop an advertisement, you may discover Amazon audio advertisements make more sense if you ’ re currently an Amazon seller and desire to direct individuals’to purchase from your shop.

. 3 Steps to Set Up Amazon Audio Ads.

Ready to attempt Amazon audio advertisements? Terrific! Let ’ s break down the actions included.

. 1. Understand Your Own Goals.

Before you register, set out your objectives. Why? Since it provides you some innovative instructions, which you ’ ll requirement to compose an excellent script and develop engaging visuals to accompany it.


Remember, no 2 projects are alike. Be clear on what you require from your Amazon audio advertisement prior to you go live.

. 2. Contact an Amazon Advertisement Consultant.

Next, connect to an Amazon advertisement specialist. They can assist you prepare, enhance, and release your audio advertising campaign based upon your budget plan and marketing objectives .


To start, merely click the “ Get Started ” link on the audio advertisements page.

.  Amazon Audio Ads - How To Create An Audio Advertisement Campaign

Select which nation you wish to market in and pick your regular monthly spending plan . Keep in mind, if you wish to invest less than$ 15,000 monthly, you can ’ t launch a custom-made audio advertising campaign.


If you ’ re OKAY with the spending plan requirements, input your business contact information and offer a summary of your marketing requires. A specialist will be in touch to discuss your project in more information.

.  Steps to Set Up Amazon Audio Ads- Contact an Amazon Advertisement Consultant

Even if you can ’ t gain access to Amazon audio advertisements for your marketing today, there ’ s constantly a possibility that Amazon will present a more versatile rates structure in the future.

.’3. Supply an Audio File and Companion Banner. When your advertisements run on gadgets like FireTV, #ppppp> Your Amazon audio advertisement requires both an audio file and a buddy banner for.

.Audio File.

The audio file consists of the advertisement itself. Keep in mind, it needs to be someplace in between 10 and 30 seconds long, and the file size can ’ t surpass 1 MB.

In regards to format, you can send either a WAV, OGG, or MP3 file, and the volume needs to be at least 192 kbps so it ’ s quickly audible.

To be clear, you shouldn ’ t usage suggestive, intriguing, or offending language. It needs to be matched for a basic audience.

. Buddy Banner.

Your buddy banner( or graphic) appears while the advertisement plays. Here are some standards for it:

. The file should be a JPEG sized to1024 x 1024 px.It can ’ t be more than 750 KB.The heading can ’ t be more than 19 characters. Simply put, keep it sweet and brief.

There are some visual standards, too.


For beginners, you can’’ t usage design tools that make it appear like any specific part of the advertisement is clickable. Here ’ s an example from Amazon :

. Steps to Set Up Amazon Audio Ads- Companion Banner

A banner along these lines might be better since there ’ s absolutely nothing to recommend it ’ s clickable:

.  Amazon Audio Ads- Amazon Advertisement For Baby Elephant

You can likewise consist of a URL if you desire, however it ought to be something compact so it doesn ’ t take control of the entire graphic. “ Shop now at ” or some variation of this is OK.


Finally, ensure the text is readable and clear. “


Struggling to put a buddy banner together? Don ’ t concern. Your advertisement specialist can assist you develop it, and they ’ ll deal feedback if something ’ s not working.


Once you ’ ve sent your banner and audio file to your specialist, your advertisement might go’live within 3 working days.

. How to Add a CTA to Your Amazon Audio Ads.

A call to action( CTA) motivates individuals to do something after listening to your advertisement, such as purchase your item. Unsurprisingly, every Amazon audio advertisement ought to have one! Where should your CTA go, however, and what should it consist of? Let ’ s have a look.


First, because you desire individuals to do something about it after hearing your advertisement, it ’ s typically best to put your CTA at the end. Guarantee you include your brand and a particular action for individuals to take.


Next, keep your CTA particular and brief. Don ’ t leave listeners in any doubt over what they must do and how they can do it.


Finally, prevent utilizing sound impacts. You’wear ’ t wish to lose the message in your CTA behind a jingle!

Let ’ s state your business ’ s called Coffee King, and you desire individuals to purchase your brand-new Regular Roast’. Here are some CTAs you might utilize.

. “ To purchase our Regular Roast, go to ” “ To begin shopping, ask your gadget to look for Coffee King ’ s Regular Roast. ”“.

Remember, if you wear ’ t ask a customer to do something, how will they understand what”you desire them to do?’

. 6 Tips to Create Great Amazon Audio Ads.

Remember, your audio advertisement can ’t be more than 30 seconds long, so every 2nd counts. Here are some suggestions for taking advantage of the time you have.

. 1. Compose a Great Script.

OK, so there ’ s an art to composing a fantastic script . The bright side? It ’ s something you can discover. Here are some ideas:

. Usage easy and brief declarations to make your point.Ensure your language and tone resonates with your audience. Teenagers might not go for extremely official language, and so on.Focus on one core principle per advertisement project. Don ’ t puzzle your listeners. 2. Promote the Product Benefits.

What ’ s so terrific about your item, and why should customers purchase it? Make this the focus of your advertisement.If you ’ re running any promos or special deals, make sure to discuss them, too.

. You may desire to prevent reviews. A lot of voices can muddle your recording and sidetrack from your message.

. 3. Offer a High-Quality Recording.

It sounds apparent, however guarantee your recording sounds expert.

. Speak in a crisp, clear voice.Make sure the recording is devoid of interference.Avoid talking too quick. You ’ re attempting to form a connection with your listener. 4. Prevent Sound Effects.

Does your advertisement requirement remarkable sound impacts like horns or sirens? Most likely not. Disconcerting noises can irritate your listener, which isn ’ t fantastic when you ’ re attempting to support them into purchasing your items.


If you’actually should utilize sound impacts, utilize them moderately, and just if they ’ re needed to drive your message house.

. 5. Usage Smooth Transitions.’

Remember, your advertisement doesn ’ t playin seclusion.It ’ s playing in between tunes’or other audio advertisements. Don ’ t start with a long time out, and wear ’ t “ ask forgiveness ” for disrupting somebody ’ s music. Given that you wear’’ t understand when your advertisement will play, a declaration like this might be unimportant.

Avoid long fade-outs, too. Just end with your CTA.

.6. Spread Out a Consistent Brand Message.

Consistency is essential. According to Forbes , cross-platform consistency can enhance your income by 23 percent.

The takeaway? Guarantee you’’ re utilizing constant language, visuals, and brand name messaging throughout all your marketing projects. It might hinder listeners from shopping with you if your audio advertisement sounds off-brand.

.How to Track the Success of Your Amazon Audio Advertisement Campaigns.

Once your advertising campaign is up and running, you require to monitor your crucial efficiency signs (KPIs) to guarantee it’’ s working for you. For audio advertisements, here are the metrics you ought to track:

.impressions: the number of times the advertisement plays or individuals hear itlisten through rate (LTR): the number of times somebody listens through to the endreach: who listens to your adpurchase intent: how most likely a consumer is to purchase your item after hearing the advertisement.

Amazon uses tools to assist you track these metrics, however you can likewise utilize your own tracking tools.

.Examples of Great Amazon Audio Ads.

Want to discover more about Amazon audio advertisements in action? Here are 2 fantastic success stories to motivate you.


Samsung, the tech market giant, required aid marketing its Galaxy S10 Lite handset. They chose audio advertisements to reach young listeners tuning in to Amazon Music.

According to statistics assembled by Amazon, these audio advertisements created a 64 percent boost in natural impressions for Samsung and an 18 percent dive in total item awareness.

All in all, I call this an effective project.


This brand name took Amazon audio advertisements to a entire brand-new level .

 Examples of Great Amazon Audio Ads - Berocca

Berocca is a popular vitamin business with consumers around the globe. They wished to recognize brand-new methods to reach their varied audience base and offer their Berocca Boost tablets.

How did they attain their objective? They utilized actionable audio advertisements powered by Amazon Alexa.

.The advertisement consists of a efficient and clear CTA, welcoming individuals to attempt Berocca Boost if they feel lethargic.If interested, the listener offers the voice command to attempt Berocca Boost.Listeners can then either hear more about the item or usage another voice command to purchase the energy tablets straight through the advertisement.

What’’ s terrific about this project is how simple it is for listeners to engage with the audio advertisement and in fact buy the item.


Amazon audio advertisements can assist you increase your reach, offer more items, and eventually grow your organization . They’’ re easy to establish, and you can go reside in as low as 3 working days.

That stated, Amazon audio advertisements are not for everybody. If you’’ re in any doubt regarding whether this project’’ s right for you or if you require aid with audio marketing more usually, let me assist you .

What do you consider Amazon audio advertisements? How are they assisting your organization?

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