A visual sitemap generator is a tool that provides a visual representation of a website structure, showing the connection between pages and content. Web designers and developers use these tools to plan their website creation and overhaul process while also communicating ideas to the relevant stakeholders.

There are many visual sitemap generators on the web today, but all of them are not created equal. We sought to find out the best ones available based on features and their ability to handle sites of all sizes. After thorough research and testing, we settled on three of them, namely WriteMaps, DynoMapper, and PowerMapper.


With WriteMaps, having an idea is your greatest asset. If you remotely know what your website should look like, this tool will help you create a visual sitemap in just a few clicks.

WriteMaps uses color-coded flowcharts to add a unique taste to the content provided in every page of your site. Use it to add new pages and edit old ones, re-order pages and sections, and change colors as you wish.

What we like the most about this tool is it allows for easy collaboration. For example, you can share your content via a unique URL and enable guest editing. This way, other stakeholders can share their ideas in real-time for faster completion of projects.

You can sign up for a new account on WriteMaps with a 15-day free trial. Take advantage of this period to test its features and decide whether to go ahead with it or look elsewhere. Thereafter, you can choose from one of its two monthly plans of $14.99 and $29.99 respectively.


Dynomapper is a visual sitemap generator that comes with an extension for Google Analytics, thereby enabling you to analyze the performance of your webpages. Some of the tool’s notable features include content inventory, content audit, website accessibility testing, content planning, and keyword tracking. Use the tool to create, edit, and personalize the hierarchy and placement of different web pages.

As for plans and pricing, DynoMapper offers a free trial covering up to 100 pages and one project. If this is not enough, you can upgrade to its Standard, Organization, or Plus plans whose monthly pricing ranges from $49, $199, and $299 respectively.


Up until recently, PowerMapper used to be one of the very few tools available for designers to create visual sitemaps. This partly explains its huge command of the market despite the introduction of other generators.

Another reason you might want to check it out is because of its one-click web dev tools that check broken links, spelling errors, compatibility, web standards, SEO, and usability. We also like that PowerMapper has its independent browser to enable you navigate your website as you continue planning it.

The tool’s lowest monthly plan will set you back $49 for the single-user license.


Visual sitemaps are a vital part of any successful website design and content planning. Use any of these three grade-A generators to create intuitive sitemaps that also enable you to collaborate with others in your projects.

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