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Communities are an essential element of every business’s growth. They can be instrumental in helping young businesses scale and provide the tools and resources to help support new companies. But a big part of reaping community benefits is connecting with the local groups around you holistically. Want to learn how you can do so? Keep reading as CAS Designs Networks breaks it down below.

Use Your Power for the Positive

As a small business owner, you have more power and resources than a regular person. You likely have small business and entrepreneurship chapters and meetings you attend, which means you have contacts that may be locally influential. You also have resources and tools that have the potential to impact lives. The best way to use this influence and power is to draw attention to issues within your local community that can be improved. For example, underfunded schools, problems in unemployment, or advocating for policy change are all causes you can stand up for. 

Benefits of Engaging with Your Community

Every business exists within its smaller and larger cultural context. However, the smaller context, or local community, impacts your business daily. If you have the support of your community behind you, the community is more likely to recommend your products or services to others, which can significantly impact your growth. In addition, the support of your community can help you build a network through cross-collaboration and partnerships, helping you establish yourself in the area as a trusted local business.

Offer Free Services or Discounts

Everyone loves a freebie! A great way to get the word out about your business is to offer community members free services or discounts. For example, you could provide freebies to schools, libraries, or nonprofit organizations, which will help strengthen your public image. You could also offer discounts for first-time purchases or promotional sales, which is excellent for building brand exposure.

Prioritize the Basics Off the Bat

Although it can be exciting to put yourself out there and connect with community members, try to get your business basics sorted well in advance. That includes being familiar with your credit report. Also, a well-crafted social media and web presence is critical for every business, so start by setting up your social channels and website. In addition, consider functional aspects like your business name and structure. Setting up sound accounting practices off the bat will also be essential to keep things neat and organized as your business grows. Investing in the best accounting software will make it easy to collect and store receipts for your deductions while remaining compliant. It will also help you run your business more efficiently, as you’ll benefit from app insights on cash flow.

Sponsor Local Events and Charities

Every town and city has sports teams, theater productions, parades, meets, and more that rely on donations for their operations. If you help sponsor some of these events within your community, you are actively showing up to support your surrounding community. Charitable efforts will go towards a worthy cause and get your name out to the local community. You could choose to support a cause you believe in or one that aligns with the interests of your company, employees, or production. 

Connecting with your local community can help you fast-track your growth. But to win the support of your community, you need to be doing your part to help your community achieve its goals and thrive. You can make a practical connection and first impression by giving back every step of the way.

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