Running a digital marketing agency allows you to hire employees and increase your output. One sign that it is time to start an agency is if clients are asking for more work than you can deliver. It also may be that you have a steady stream incoming clients. Hiring subcontractors can help, but eventually you reach the point where you won’t have enough time to directly manage all of them. Another sign you should start an agency is if you want to spend less time on deliverables and more time on the running the business. If you’re ready to start an agency, you can read the Agency Growth Toolkit to learn how it is done.

Key Takeaways:

  • Obtaining new leads when it comes to sub contractors for your business is always a good sign, but sometimes it can get overwhelming. An account manager can help lift the added burden tremendously.
  • Hiring a digital marketing agency can allow you to focus on core practices within your business that you’re passionate about as opposed to marketing tasks.
  • Hiring an account manager will allow you to initiate your business with a strategic plan. You can gain access to several resources such as proposal templates.

“But, with an agency, you can hire other people to work alongside you—doubling, tripling, and quadrupling your output.”

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