You’’ ve heard LinkedIn is an engagement cash cow.

Maybe Gary Vee persuaded you it was an excellent concept, or you heard a couple of a lot of individuals speak about how LinkedIn was their top source for discovering B2B customers.

LinkedIn is discussed as an underrated platform. Like TikTok, LinkedIn posts can in fact go viral (take the tip Facebook and Instagram). The important things is, you’’ re not going viral on a platform with all kinds of users.

You’’ re going viral on a platform where everybody exists to discuss organization. The goldmine.

As a B2B company, we can’’ t overlook the capacity of LinkedIn. DigitalMarketer’’ s Senior Social Media Manager, Shannon Goodell, has actually been executing and planning on LinkedIn. Just recently, she found some major success.

Over 2 million impressions, nearly 100,000 engagements, and 62,000 post clicks (!).

Shannon’’ s limited our technique to 3 efficient methods to increase impressions, engagement, and post clicks LinkedIn. Time to go panning for gold.

. # 1: Find LinkedIn Posts in Previously Published Content.

The primary step of producing LinkedIn material is recognizing you put on’’ t requirement to produce LinkedIn material. You currently have material that might be utilized on LinkedIn. It simply hasn’’ t been taken into a LinkedIn-friendly format. As Shannon discusses,

““ Pull out suggestions and guidance from your post, Lead Magnets, podcasts, courses, playbooks, workshops, and so on, and post as text-only posts. Include the link to the resource or resources in the remarks and direct individuals to take a look at the remarks for the link( s) to read more.””


This is how Shannon has actually had the ability to develop more DigitalMarketer material … without developing more DigitalMarketer material. It’’ s the appeal of splintering– every piece of material you develop for your brand name can be become a minimum of 10 other pieces of material for other platforms.


““ This is a very easy post to produce, and it works! If you put on’’ t have a great deal of material to mine, publish your own ideas and guidance and likewise ask your employee for theirs (based upon their locations of knowledge).””


Here are 2 of Shannon’’ s pointers for splintering material into LinkedIn posts:

.You can utilize less characters on LinkedIn than on Facebook, so ensure to modify your copy so the post can be checked out plainly and easilyIf you can’’ t determine how to make a post deal with the variety of characters provided, simply publish one idea at a time.

Splintering material is an excellent technique for LinkedIn … and every other platform you’’ re developing material for. You put on ’ t requirement to produce a new post each time you alter platforms. You simply require to make your material belonging to the platform you’’ re publishing on.

This implies you put on’’ t wish to publish a long, all text LinkedIn post to your Instagram stories. Individuals are on Instagram stories to see motion and engage with their phone (believe Stickers and gifs). Your Instagram story material can be an employee breaking down the post with a talking head selfie video or a graphic that discusses what your LinkedIn post did—– however more visually for the ‘‘ gram.


Splintering material can turn an article into:

.A LinkedIn postAn Instagram feed postAn Instagram storyAn Instagram IGTVAn Instagram ReelAn Instagram LiveA Twitter threadA TikTokA YouTube videoA podcast episodeA Facebook postA Facebook Live.

The wild part about this list is that we can keep going. We sanctuary’’ t even discussed Fleets or YouTube stories.

Use your formerly published material to produce a stream of LinkedIn posts. Make your posts additional fancy by turning them into (complimentary!) downloadable files, as Shannon discusses listed below.

.# 2: Create Downloadable Documents (Not Opt-In Lead Magnets).

The secret remains in the parenthesis. These aren’’ t lead magnets where users opt-in to your e-mail list to get the resource. You’’ re simply going to provide the resource. We understand this breaks your marketing brain, however the information doesn’’ t lie.


Two million impressions and over 62,000 link clicks inform us this method is working. We’’ re developing trust with our audience and revealing them just how much worth we hand out free of charge (no opt-in needed!).

As co-founder and CEO of DigitalMarketer Ryan Deiss states, if you hand out your finest things, individuals will be passing away to understand what you keep behind the paywall.

You wear’’ t require a graphic style group to develop these downloadable Google Docs. All you require to do is ““ copy and paste from an important resource (post, Playbooks, Lead Magnets, and so on) and include pertinent links to the resource and calls-to-action in the doc. Title it properly, and you’’ re preparedto go. ”

. Source .

Our docs are very basic and straight to the point. They ’ re concentrated on providing worth over using up our graphic style group ’ s time.


Here are Shannon ’ s ideas for developing these files:

. Offer Viewer accessUse Grammarly to inspect your spelling and grammar.

“ Once prepared to publish, simply struck “ file ” and select “ Google Drive “. ” LinkedIn will ask you for gain access to, and” then you can pick that Google doc to submit as a PDF. Title the PDF in LinkedIn and include your text copy and post! I likewise direct individuals to links in the remarks for more information. ”


Save these files for your material group to keep utilizing. You can utilize these files to describe more posts in the future. They’’ re a file today, however in a couple of weeks you might turn that material into a LinkedIn text post, a blog site post, a podcast episode, a TikTok … fine, we’’ ll stop now. You understand.


These files are excellent for revealing your audience just how much you’’ re happy to hand out totally free (a method attempted and checked with the Customer Value Journey and Customer Avatar Worksheet). When Ryan and the DigitalMarketer group initially thought about handing out our Customer Value Journey and Customer Avatar Worksheet totally free, it seemed like excessive. We were distributing our secret sauce. What would individuals pay us for?

It ends up the reverse held true. We had actually handed out a few of our finest things, and in return, individuals wished to pay us to understand more. If that’’ s what we would offer free of charge, they couldn’’ t envision what was concealing on the other side of that paywall.

As much as it may seem like you must a minimum of be requesting an e-mail opt-in, you’’ ll need to trust us and karma on this one.

.# 3: Lean into Employee-Generated Content.

Your LinkedIn material has actually been splintered from other posts, today you wish to get as much engagement on it as possible. It’’ s time to lean on your group. If you’’ re not using employee-generated material yet—– the time to begin is now.

Employee-generated material gets greater engagement, follows, and conversions than top quality material. Brand Names like Morning Brew reveal us the value of putting faces to your brand name, producing an audience-attracting magnet gotten for $75 million .

The crucial to getting staff members to share top quality material is to ask. Without the thumbs-up to develop business material, staff members will prevent stepping on toes. They wear’’ t wish to get in difficulty, and it’’ s more secure not to take the danger. Management is a big part of worker engagement.

Have your business’’ s leaders discuss what employee-generated material is, how it can assist business, and what they’’d love to see from staff members in the future. In our case, we desire our DigitalMarketer group to share our LinkedIn posts so we can get more impressions.

Here’’ s Matthew Douglas, our Content Manager of Sponsored Content, sharing a LinkedIn post highlighting a post released to the DigitalMarketer blog site:


To arrange the procedure of sharing the post with your group, usage Shannon’’ s method:


“ Create a Google doc with links to your current business LinkedIn posts plus brand name brand-new copy divided into classifications (sales, marketing, personnels, and so on). Include your business’’ s LinkedIn manage in all of the posts. Share with your business.

Before you ask your group to engage with your top quality material online, we need to ensure you’’ re clear on the objective. As Shannon describes,

““ The objective here isn’’ t web traffic( although it can be an included advantage). It’’ s to get brand-new individuals to your business page to engage and check out. The objective is to get them to share your formerly released LinkedIn posts plus brand name brand-new posts that all tag your business’’ s LinkedIn. ”


Obviously, web traffic is a crucial (huge) part of your LinkedIn method. Your employee-generated material isn’’ t always there to pull huge traffic. Your staff members may just have actually a couple of engaged loved ones on LinkedIn—– so put on’’ t be hard on them if’you ’ re not going viral since of their shares.

What you’’ re doing is getting your brand name familiarized with more LinkedIn users. This is Stage 1 of the Customer Value Journey, Awareness. For somebody to purchase an item from you, they need to very first understand you exist. You wear’’ t wish to inquire to purchase your items the 2nd they discover you.’That ’ s like asking somebody to wed you while they’’ re strolling down the street. You need to let them heat up to you, request for a very first date, and after that provide a long time to choose you’’ re the ideal individual for them.


Luckily organization works much faster than relationships that cause marital relationship, however it’’ s still a relationship.


When your consumer avatar finds your brand name through a pal, associate, or household member, you’’ re strolling into that relationship with recognized trust. That will assist move brand-new leads through your CVJ much faster and assist individuals learn more about you, even if they put on’’ t require your services. The number of times have you referred somebody to a brand name without ever purchasing their items due to the fact that you saw them online, and it appears to fit the option your buddy is inquiring about?

The response is all the time. Position your brand name in the very same method by utilizing employee-generated material.

We are not stopping this LinkedIn method anytime quickly. Shannon has actually determined how to increase our impressions, engagement, and post clicks, and we’’ re actually delighted about this method.

LinkedIn is an engagement goldmine for B2B organizations. Rather of pressing through the sound of every consumer avatar out there on other social platforms, you can concentrate on business-minded individuals on LinkedIn.

People wear’’ t open LinkedIn to discover dishes, see expensive cars and truck pictures, or get motivated by house decoration. They’’ re on LinkedIn with their company hat on.

And that sure looks like the very best possible time to reveal them what you need to provide their organization.

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