How to Create the very best Facebook Cover Photos for Your Business

It appears like weekly there’’ s a brand-new post about how individuals wear ’ t usage Facebook any longer. You might hear that it ’ s just for “ old individuals, ” that it ’ s not pertinent, that brand names are deserting it .

Thing is, that’’ s simply not supported by the user information. In truth, Facebook has actually hardly seen a downturn in audience development at any point in the last 12 years. It’’ s been extremely constant:

 Facebook cover picture Monthly active users around the world

With around 2.5 billion regular monthly active users , Facebook is easily larger than Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit, and Instagram integrated.

 Facebook cover picture Facebook is the worlds most popular social media network

So what does this inform us?

Simply put, if you’’ re a brand name, you can ’ t pay for to neglect Facebook. It may not be your audience’’ s preferred social platform, however they’’ ll probably be on there, which suggests you require to be, too. You must be utilizing it to promote your items, promote your brand name , and normally represent your business.

The beginning point for all of those things is your Facebook Business Page . Your potential and present customers or consumers will visit it to examine you out, see what you’’ re discussing, and engage with your material.


What ’ s the very first thing they ’ ll see? Your Facebook cover image. Keep reading to find out how to make a Facebook cover picture that flaunts your brand name in the very best possible light.

.Actions to Create an Effective Facebook Cover Photo.

Ever become aware of Hitchcock’’ s guideline ? Called for the famous motion picture director, it specifies that the size of a things on-screen need to be proportional to its influence on the story at that particular minute.

Well, considered that your Facebook cover image uses up practically half the page on desktop …

 Facebook cover image uses up practically half the screen

… it’’ s affordable to state Facebook considers it quite essential! You’’ ve got a lot of digital property to have fun with, so you certainly wish to make it count.

Designing a Facebook cover image for your company page is far more than simply picking a distinctive photo, cropping it to the ideal measurements, and releasing it. Here are 5 crucial factors to consider to developing a cover image that draws your audience in.

.1. Keep Your Facebook Cover Photo Simple.

Facebook utilized to state just 20 percent of your cover image might be comprised of text, however it dropped that guideline in 2013 .

With all that area to have fun with, and no limitation on the quantity of text you can consist of, it’’ s appealing to pack in as much details as possible. Don ’ t do that.


When it concerns producing an impactful Facebook cover image, simpleness is your buddy. Concentrate on interacting a single message as plainly as possible, so your audience remains in no doubt of what you’’ re attempting to state.

Apple does this much better than many. While the tech huge notoriously doesn’’ t actually “ do ” social , its branding on Facebookis still identify on.

.  Apple Awesome facebook cover image

Apple ’ s Facebook cover picture is a workout insimpleness: no words, simply one quickly identifiable and tidy item image showcasing its renowned MacBook. Making use of color is incredibly reliable, naturally drawing your eyes to the center of the image.

. 2. Enhance Your Brand Through a Facebook Cover Photo.

Can you summarize your whole brand name in a single image? It ’ s not as basic as it sounds! That ’ s exactly precisely you need require do with your Facebook cover photoImage You run the risk of puzzling your audience if it doesn ’ t enhance your brand name.


Adidas is a substantial brand name that offers whatever from skateboarding tennis shoes to golf outfit. It ’ s quite difficult to encapsulate such a big brand name in one image, so Adidas has actually picked to integrate 3 different images for its Facebook cover picture.

.  Adidas Store Facebook cover image matches its brand name

This works truly well, permitting the brand name to speak with 3 various markets at the very same time. In one cover image, Adidas encapsulates males ’ females and s ’ s sportswear, plus streetwear.

. 3. Keep Your Audience Front of Mind.

As people, we discover it much easier to get in touch with individuals than inanimate items or abstract principles. That ’ s why numerous of the very best Facebook cover pictures include pictures of individuals.


Of course, if you ’ re going to speak and represent to your audience through your cover picture, you’initially require to comprehend who they are. Facebook offers you a couple methods to discover this out:


Facebook ’ s Audience Insights tool permits you to deep dive into the demographics, page likes, area, and Facebook activity of individuals who follow your page, are based in your location, or have an interest in brand names like yours. Here ’ s a lot of market details for individuals who like Major League Baseball:

.  Facebook cover image audience insight tools are necessary

By visiting your Facebook Business page, you can discover who engages with it mostin the Actions on Page area. It reveals you who clicked your contact details, call-to-action( CTA) button , or site, and sectors the details by age, gadget, area, and gender.


So what does all this info inform us? Well,state you find 80 percent of individuals who follow your page are guys, 75 percent reside in Mexico and speak Spanish as their mother tongue, and 90 percent are in between the ages of 18 and 25. Your Facebook cover picture ought to most likely include a young Mexican male and possibly some Spanish text.


Here are a number of examples of how Google targets its different audiences through its cover pictures. Off, the brand name ’ s UK Facebook page includes a lot of cartoony images including recognizably British landscapes and structures like the Angel of the North, Stonehenge, and a red London bus.

.  Facebook cover image example how Google targets its audiences through cover pictures

Meanwhile, the Google Students cover picture functions photos of youths from varied backgrounds, typically operating in groups, and all utilizing innovation. To put it simply, they ’ re precisely the sort of individuals you ’d anticipate to be thinking about a Google page targeted at trainees.’

.  Google Students Facebook cover image 4. Combine the Facebook Cover Photo With Your Profile Pic.

Just as your Facebook cover image must matchyour brand name, it needs to likewise go together with your profile image.

. Since they sit together with one another at the top of your Facebook Business Page, #ppppp> That ’ s actually essential. The outcomes can be quite disconcerting if they wear ’ t fit together naturally.


Nike is America ’ s most well-known clothes and shoes brand name , with 99% audience acknowledgment, so it ’ s no genuine surprise that the business gets its Facebook branding ideal.

.  nike amazing facebook cover picture

With simply 3 words, 2 colors, and the timeless “ swoosh ” logo design, Nike in some way handles to encapsulate its entire” brand name throughout its cover image and profile photo.

. 5. Promote Your Products and Events Through a Facebook Cover Photo.

When your cover picture uses up a lot area, why wouldn ’ t you utilize it to speak about the important things you wish to promote? Whether that ’ s a brand-new item, a special deal, a huge piece of material, or an occasion, your cover image is a wonderful location to reveal it off.


For example, PlayStation utilizes its cover image to display a prominent brand-new release for its PS5 console. Notification how the brand name integrates this with a CTA advising individuals to play the video game, successfully changing the leading half of its service page into an interactive advert.

.  playstation amazing facebook cover image

Taking things in a various instructions, Gucci ’ s Facebook cover picture and profile photo are offered over to promoting an online occasion, Guccifest.

.  Gucci incredible Facebook cover picture

Again, the style brand name has actually included some interactivityby consisting of a scannable QR code in its cover picture. The entire image is very text-heavy, which isn ’ t what you ’d get out of a brand name offering a physical item, however in Gucci ’ s case, this simply makes the cover picture a lot more striking.

. 4 Steps to Designing an Impactful Facebook Cover Photo.

Now that you comprehend the theory behind producing a striking Facebook cover image for your service, it ’ s time to make it’occur for your brand name. Follow this basic four-step procedure to turn your Facebook cover picture vision into truth.

. 1. Choose a Facebook Cover Photo CTA Technique That Works for You.

Take another appearance at all those Facebook cover picture examples I consisted of above. None might appear in all 5 areas.


The PlayStation example is truly reliable at promoting an item, however it perhaps doesn ’ t pair well with the brand name ’ s profile image. Nike keeps things easy, matches its brand name, and matches its profile image, however doesn ’ t straight include its audience or display an item.


Does that mean they ’re all bad cover images? Vice versa. Rather, this shows that your Facebook cover picture shouldn ’ t be all things to all individuals. Select a couple of those methods and utilize them to notify your image. :

. Ready to release a prominent brand-new item? Utilize your cover image to promoteit.Got an actually particular audience? Speak straight to them in your cover photo.Have an identifiable logo design or motto? Keep your cover image very simple; let your branding do the talking. 2. Select a Facebook Cover Photo Editing Tool.

You wear ’ t requirement to be a competent graphic designer to develop a reliable Facebook cover image. There are lots of user friendly, complimentary picture modifying tools that do all the effort for you.


Arguably the most popular is Canva. It ’ s totally free to register and includes a lot of Facebook cover picture design templates cropped to the proper measurements. To discover them, produce your own Canva profile, choose social networks images, and select the devoted Facebook Cover alternative:

.  Use Canva to develop a Facebook cover image

Just one word of care here: While Canva is complimentary to utilize, you ’ ll requirement to spend for a few of the style components.


There are’great deals of other choices, too. If Canva isn ’ t working for you, attempt PicMonkey, Visme, Snappa, Bannersnack, or many others.

. 3. Start With a Photo.

Again, unless you ’ re a certified graphic designer( or have access to one), you ’ re most likely trying to find the most basic possible method to produce an impactful Facebook cover picture.


In that case, you absolutely wish to begin by discovering an appropriate image.Something that encapsulates your brand name and speaks with your audience.


Just as there are great deals of dazzling graphic style tools readily available online, there are likewise lots of wonderful totally free stock image libraries loaded with numerous countless visuals you can utilize to create your cover picture.


Alternatively, do not hesitate to include your existing site images if you ’ re preparing to utilize your cover picture to display a product and services.

. 4. Keep in mind to Use the Right Facebook Cover Photo Size.

Last however not least, you need to utilize the best measurements for your cover picture. Otherwise, Facebook will extend or cropit and all your effort developing a lovely, attractive image will be squandered.


So what are the best measurements? There ’ s no simple response, as discouraging as that sounds.Due to the fact that 70 percent of Facebook users gain access to the website on their phones , your cover image needs to work throughout both desktop and mobile. Cover images show in a different way based on the gadget you ’ re utilizing:

. On desktop, the cover image shows at 820 pixels broad by 312 pixels tallOn mobile, it shows at 640 pixels broad by 360 pixels high.

If you wish to utilize a single image that works throughout both formats, Buffer advises cropping it to 820 pixels large by 462 pixels high.


As an outright minimum, Facebook states your cover picture need to be 400 pixels broad and 150 pixels high. It likewise encourages keeping your image to less than 100 kilobytes for the fastest-possible loading.

. Conclusion.

Remember that your Facebook cover image isn ’ t simply a striking image.Picking the ideal one for you isn ’ t always about making use of the brightest colors or the boldest copy.


It needs to connect into your brand name, talk to your audience , and efficiently interact your message. Preferably, anybody who understands your brand name currently needs to discover it immediately identifiable.


If you ’ re having a hard time, keep in mind the worth of keeping things easy. Don ’ t attempt to be smart or too abstract. A standard image that plainly represents who you are and whatyou’do will be far more efficient than something complex that leaves individuals scratching their heads.


How are you utilizing your Facebook Business Page to produce sales or leads?


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