YouTube is the 2nd most utilized online search engine worldwide, 2nd to Google.

That suggests that there’’ s a quite huge(—alright– HUGE) opportunity that your consumers are enjoying YouTube. They’’ re utilizing the video platform to discover home entertainment and education.

Depending on your service, your YouTube method most likely includes a bit of both. We enjoy teaching about e-mail projects to increase conversions … while one of our supervisors uses a flamingo t-shirt.

But, what’’ s a YouTube channel without a method?


A really vibrant concept. While we enjoy strong concepts, we enjoy technique simply as much. What do all fantastic techniques have? METRICS!

Metrics inform us when we’’ re succeeding and when’we ’ re doing terribly. They ’ re our lighthouse when we’’ re at sea searching for the magical land of Traffic and Conversions.

If you’’ re seeking to grow your YouTube channel, here are the 5 crucial metrics to track your development.

NOTE: The very first 4 metrics can be tracked in your YouTube analytics. The last metric can be tracked with a link tracker.

.# 1: Watch Time  demonstrate how to get to youtube metric

Watch time is the quantity of a video someone watches. On YouTube, they’’ ll typical your watch time for each video and inform you in your analytics. Don’’ t be terrified if you discover that your watch time isn’’ t 100% for each video. This is sort of like getting a 100% conversion rate—– you’’ re going to need to be so completely niched that you develop the holy grail of marketing success.

That can hellip &take place; however put on’’ t brief yourself if it doesn ’ t.


Watch time is an exceptionally essential metric for your YouTube development due to the fact that it’’ s informing you how well your material is addressing your audience’’ s issue. If’audiences wear ’ t seem like they ’ re getting what they were guaranteed in your title and thumbnail, they’’ re going to click off of your video. On the reverse, if they seem like you’’ re informing them and keeping their attention—– you’’ re going to have terrific watch time metrics.


For example, if we observed that our watch time was lower than 40% for a video, we’’d start to actually examine that video’’ s design template and see what requires to be done to enhance that watch time. Perhaps our intro was too long or the quantity of time invested discussing the subject of the video wasn’’ t succinct enough, and audiences chose to go somewhere else.

We’’ re constantly going to go for an above 40% watch time on each video we release, and utilize the videos that carry out well to reveal us what basic design template to follow with future videos.

.# 2: Impressions Click-Through Rate  demonstrate how to get to youtube metric

Impressions click-through rate informs you how typically a video is being clicked. You can relate it to the click-through rate (CTR) of a Facebook advertisement. For each set quantity of individuals who saw your video in their feed, the number of clicked to see it?

When your videos get a high CTR, you did something truly well. That might be that your title nailed your client avatar’’ s discomfort point and your thumbnail was eye capturing and had the best details on it.

As a lot of YouTube stars would inform you—– it’’ s all in the thumbnail. Altering your thumbnail can have extreme impacts on your CTR. If you’’ re continuously seeing a less than 5% CTR on YouTube, begin to alter the innovative of your thumbnails to see if you can enhance them.

For your videos carrying out well, bear in mind of their titles and thumbnails and how you can reproduce that in the future. Keep in mind, your metrics are here to reveal you the method … let them assist you.

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.# 3: Most Popular Videos  demonstrate how to get to youtube metric

You’’ ll discover your most popular videos by going to your YouTube page and clicking the filter choice, and selecting ““ Most Popular. ” This will reveal you your most popular videos in coming down order, so you can see what videos are bring the weight for the remainder of the group.

This metric is going to assist grow your YouTube channel by being a direct line of interaction in between yourself and your consumer avatar. What material that you developed are they LOVING … and how can you produce more of it?

Another perk about this metric is that you can likewise see what your competitors’’ s most popular videos are. This will offer you more content concepts in addition to validate what material your audiences wish to see. You understand that your audience likewise most likely desires to see that material if they have a comparable audience to yours.

.# 4: Audience Information  demonstrate how to get to youtube metric

Audience details is necessary understanding for any person attempting to grow a social networks following or organisation. Understanding your audience is crucial to producing the material they desire—– and to making certain you’’ re producing material for the ideal individuals.


There are 2 metrics to take a look at here, the very first is your internal traffic sources. This informs you the number of audiences pertained to your video by having it recommended to them, by discovering it through YouTube search, by selecting it on your channel, and so on

The 2nd is to take a look at your external traffic sources. The number of audiences originated from a Google search, Facebook, a site, or a link in an e-mail they got?

 demonstrate how to get to youtube metric

Knowing these metrics informs you where your audience is originating from, and what you’’ re doing incorrect or ideal. If you’’ re seeing that a lot of your views are coming from YouTube search– you’’ re doing a fantastic task at producing videos that your client avatar is particularly looking for.

If you’’ re sending out an e-mail blast to 100,000 individuals weekly with your current YouTube video and you’’ re not seeing any sources originating from e-mail—– your e-mail customers aren’’ t taking the bait in your e-mail to enjoy your videos. If it’’ s essential that they view them, it’’ s time to produce a brand-new method.

.# 5: Actions Per Video.

Actions per video are the variety of audiences who clicked the link that you asked or informed them about in the video. This is the only YouTube metric that can’’ t be tracked with YouTube analytics– however it is so essential to ensure you’’ re taking note of it.

Having one million views on a YouTube video is fantastic, however if no one clicked through to your lead magnet, then how effective was that video?

For example, you might have a video that is among your least popular videos, however it has a 15% CTR for your call to action. While the video title or thumbnail isn’’ t fulfilling the requirements of a typical audience, your call to action is.

This informs you that how you framed your call to action or the deal you developed for that video are actually great. You must attempt and do that once again.

To track this, you’’d utilize a link tracker to see the number of audiences clicked the link you put on the video or in your description (or both!). You’’ re going to see how numerous individuals saw the video. Divide the variety of audiences who clicked by the overall variety of audiences and increase by 100 to get your link’’ s CTR for the video.

Your YouTube metrics are going to be your lighthouse, directing you towards constructing your following and growing the awareness, customers, and clients of your company.

Use these metrics to grow your YouTube channel and cruise efficiently into the port of the magical land of Traffic and Conversions.

We’’ ll see you there.

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