Adding internal site search to your website helps users find what they’re looking for. Data shows that on-site searchers are more likely to convert than regular users. Internal site search can be used to target “spearfishers.” These are visitors who come to the site and immediately search for a specific product. It also improves user experience by allowing filtering of results, creating dedicated landing pages, and offering recommendations. There are a number of platforms available for implementing internal search, such as Doofinder, SearchNode and SearchSpring.

Key Takeaways:

  • Those who utilize in-site search tools are 1.8% more likely to result in a landed sale according to eConsultancy.
  • Implicating an autocomplete tool into your search feature will help you keep visitors on a more focused path.
  • When finding ways to improve your in-site search tool, be sure to also enhance your mobile version for smartphone users.

“If you don’t have a site search–or if you aren’t making the most of it–you could be missing out on revenue.”

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